Importance of Digital Marketing for your business


The 2020 year showed us that marketing is one of the most critical factors to succeed in your business and continue being in relation with your customer. 

We saw the challenge of not being in touch with customers physically, yet being aware of his claims needs and fulfilling their expectations.

2020 let us understand that we have different category of clients, and each of them should have a different approach from our side through digital marketing

2020 forced each business to exist in more than one platform depends on its geographical area.

Let’s talk about Facts:

How much time you spend looking for, a restaurant to have your dinner, a place to ask for delivery from, a close gym to your home, pharmacies, schools to register your children, shops to buy from.

And how many times you did all these researchers from social media pages. 

33% of the time of the customers is spent on social media. Around 16% is used for online TV & streaming, 16% music streaming, 13% online press and almost 22% for other sources. This shows that a business needs to crawl in this 33% and make best use of it.

This is how important digital marketing has become.

Do you know that your business is one of the firms that can be searched for, Of course, if you exist in the depended platform and post correctly?

It is time to accept that digital marketing can transform your business.

Here is the type of clients outside:

  • 73 % of customers want to receive updates from their favorite brands about a discount? IS YOUR BRAND doing that?
  •  55 % of customers change their mind about buying their stuff while browsing their smartphone? IS YOUR BRAND ADVERTISING ENOUGH?
  •  Video Advertising on Facebook in influencing 62 % of consumers after watching the video? DOES YOUR BRAND HAVE VIDEO ADS 
  • Globally, 3.03 billion people are active on social channels.


doesn’t matter the size of your business, small, medium, or big, Digital marketing is something to focus on starting from now onwards 

keep in mind Digital marketing after 2020 


 In 2020 will you will have successful results only if you are loud enough and active. And that one is not possible except with a Marketing Agent who can lead your journey and thinks out of the box